Our Process

Top experts in each field of wealth management (investment, tax, estate, retirement) work cohesively to meet all of your needs. We work as one team.

  1. Free Consultation: Discuss current needs and goals (retirement planning, simplifying financial life, legacy/charitable planning) etc.
  2. Gather Client Data: Gather client accounts (estate, retirement, investment etc.) to simplify organizational process.
  3. Analyze Data: Analyze fee structure/risk profile from data gathered.
  4. Develop Plan: We present different options for you. Some clients want just investment advisory services. Others need help with investments and financial planning.
  5. Present Plan: Present overall strategy and timeline along with follow up to do’s and action plan.
  6. Monitor Plan: We communicate as much as you would like to but prefer to meet at least twice per year as goals and needs frequently change.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple... That’s creativity

Charles Mingus